7 the next 10 years creating a big chance you can not miss the rich



7 the next 10 years creating a big chance you can not miss the rich

The last decade you may have missed countless opportunities to get rich, you want to miss the next decade it? Let’s look at the next ten years making the rich opportunity that may exist.

1. the agricultural land market

Some experts said that 12.77 million hectares of arable land contract rights, collective construction land 2.5 million acres, 15 million acres of agricultural land. The 15 million acres of land to stimulate China’s economy one hundred trillion yuan market.

2. culture media

With the shortage of materials of the past, the cultural industry will usher in major development in the future. Third Plenum also mentioned the need to build “cultural power”, young people want to join the film industry and other cultural industries blessed.

3.  4 G network

With 4G pictures of issuance, Chinese telecom industry officially entered the 4G era. 3G has been tremendous subversion, such as led to the development of smart phones, has spawned the development of the mobile Internet industry, 4G inevitably will bring countless opportunities to create wealth.
4. online education

As the video can be “readily achieved,” the future of online education will become more likely. In fact, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (referred to as BAT) started early layout of the Big Three online education.
5. incubation platform

The next most competitive integrated enterprise resource companies. Integration of capital, the integration of entrepreneurs, venture incubator. Today, the media have been doing this thing. It is said that members of the community Zhenyu logic of thinking to do about it is the future!

6. the mobile Internet

Big screen mobile Internet has been opened, but there are many possibilities for the future. Who ahead of the layout in this wave of the tide, who will be able to win.

7. Capital Markets

Online education, mobile Internet, 4G networks are emerging industry. Banks are risk averse, only the capital market will be more popular and emerging industries, therefore, the future of the capital markets would have a longer one made rich tide.

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