Executing a successful IPO


Once the initial ground work is complete the IPO process can begin. One way to ensure a successful performance is to establish two parallel work streams at the start of the IPO registration process – we refer to these as Going Public and Being Public.

Going public is the process of taking the company through the steps of gathering the necessary financial, marketing, and business information; being subject to detailed financial and legal due diligence; preparing the
prospectus/registration statement and clearing this with the regulators; and then marketing the business and selling the shares in the road show. This registration process ends when the offering is sold and the company, and/
or its shareholders receive the proceeds.

Being public is the process of transforming the organisation into a public company. Among the many tasks involved are upgrading, sustaining, or enhancing financial reporting capabilities, creating an investor relations
function to communicate with the “market” and investors, meeting legal and stock exchange governance, reporting, and internal controls standards and listing requirements of the selected exchange and local legislation.



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