IPO Team – What does the transfer agent do? – (15)

intermediaries have moved cautiously, and there is anecdotal evidence that there is only limited pre-IPOtest-the-waters communications.
Depending on its size and type of business, a company can expect to have between two and twenty analysts covering its stock although smaller companies may not have any analyst coverage. The analysts will regularly publish recommendations with respect to the company based on their analyses of the company’s financial condition and results of operations. Analyst coverage/publicity may result in introducing the company to potential customers and business partners, as well as reinforcing the company’s advertising and product-branding initiatives.
What does the financial printer do?
A company’s financial printer will print and distribute drafts of the prospectus to the working group as well as providing copies of the prospectus to the underwriters for distribution to investors. The printer will also file (or confidentially submit) the registration statement and prospectus with the SEC through the SEC’s EDGAR system. While the company should seek a financial printer with conference facilities, endless days at the printer are no longer common as they were in the past because of the use of email, specialized websites and video and audio conference calls.
What does the transfer agent do?
A transfer agent coordinates the issuance and tracking of the company’s stock certificates. Unlike a private company, a public company’s outstanding stock can be traded many times during each business day. The agent also maintains a list of the individuals and entities to whom the shares are issued and some agents provide additional services that are useful to public companies,

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