Financial Information – What financial information is included in the registration statement? – (38)

Depending on the length of time from the end of the last fiscal year and the date of filing, an unaudited balance sheet for the most recent fiscal interim period and statements of operations, statements of cash flows and statements of changes in shareholders’ equity for the interim period and for the corresponding period of the prior fiscal year; and
Selected historical financial data for the last five fiscal years (or since the company’s incorporation, if the company has not been in existence for five fiscal years) and for the period since the end of the last full fiscal year and the corresponding period of the prior fiscal year; while the JOBS Act was unclear, the General Applicability FAQs clarify that an EGC may limit the selected historical financial data in its IPO prospectus to the same number of years as the audited financial statements presented in the registration statement.
These statements must be prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP, and they will be the source of information for “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of
Operations” (“MD&A”).
In addition, a prospectus may contain audited and unaudited financial statements relating to acquisition of assets and companies as well as pro forma financial information indicating what the issuer’s financial statements would look like following the acquisition.

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