4. Choosing Your Investment Banker 33

A successful IPO is a company that has prepared itself for the reporting and competitive challenges as they disclose more information about themselves. A successful IPO will continue to build value for its shareholders that will show up as an increase in the share price year after year. The successful company will use the public spotlight to amplify its competitive advantages and its ability to satisfy shareholders, employees, and customers.”
How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help
The professionals at PricewaterhouseCoopers can help you choose the right underwriter and provide advice in other underwriting matters. Specifically, we can:
introduce your company to qualified underwriters;
assist your company’s underwriter selection process;
participate in the due diligence process to help reduce potential legal liabilities; and
review an underwriter’s initial valuation (pricing) work to spot any errors or overly conservative assumptions.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Roadmap for an IPO

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